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New sub-domain for Microsoft AV definition updates

This morning I was surprised by my Configuration Manager server with alerts that the software updates synchronization was failing.

Luckily for me I decided to check my other emails before diving right into the hell called SCCM logging. My FortiGate cluster was sending me emails that it was blocking some files. Files with file name: mpam-fe.exe.

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Things to remember when creating a policy with custom services in a FortiGate firewall

Writing them down here as I always seem to be forgetting them. And than thus having to bother the great guys at

  • Check if NAT needs to be enabled
  • In case of recently created custom service’s; check if the port number is only filled in in the source. NOT in destination or both.\
  • Make sure the policies are in the correct order. Check if another policy which also applies to the traffic isn’t above is.