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Dealing with duplicate mailboxes in Office 365 hybrid mode

At my employer we recently decided to switch over to Office 365. During the migration periode I have set-up our Exchange 2010 server in Office 365 hybrid mode. Also set-up the Azure Active Directory Sync. All existing users being sync both ways, perfect!

But then it happend. New users. All seemed working OK, until we noticed two users were not receiving e-mail from IT. What could be the problem here?

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Extending disk volume fails – The parameter is incorrect (Windows Server)

When trying to extend a volume in windows I received an error when applying the extend. The volume is extended, but the extra space isn’t visible/usable… This is how I fixed it!

Logical Disk Manager - The parameter is incorrect.
Logical Disk Manager – The parameter is incorrect.
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Enabling Disk Performance Counter in Task Manager for Windows Server 2012 (R2)

I was busy with some performance troubleshooting on our SharePoint 2013 farm today. And again I got frustrated with the fact that the disk performance counters could not be seen in Task Manager.

Task Manager without disk
Task Manager without disk performance counter.

I found out how to add the counter to Task Manager in Windows Server 2012 (R2)


Enabling “GodMode” in Windows 10

There is a hidden feature in Windows 10 to enable a screen where all configuration options are visible. It was made available in the preview version for administrators and developers.


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New sub-domain for Microsoft AV definition updates

This morning I was surprised by my Configuration Manager server with alerts that the software updates synchronization was failing.

Luckily for me I decided to check my other emails before diving right into the hell called SCCM logging. My FortiGate cluster was sending me emails that it was blocking some files. Files with file name: mpam-fe.exe.


Download all sessions from Ignite 2015

Vlad Catrinescu created a handy dandy powershell script to download all slides and videos from Ignite 2015.

You can get it here: